Foam Rollers, Massage Ball & Myofascial Release Masterclass

Launched in December 2016 the foam roller, massage ball and myofascial release masterclass was designed to help anyone who has a self massage tool to learn more about the reasoning behind self-myofascial release, maximise using a foam roller or massage ball and to learn mobility and exercises you can use to improve your flexibility and core strength.

What is fascia?

A form of connective tissue which surrounds and penetrates muscles, bones, organs, nerves and blood vessels.  It is made up of collagen and elastin fibres.  The crimp formation of fascia allows for lengthening and returning to its original length.  It supports, protects and shock absorbs. Fascia is a continuous web running from head to toe, giving the body it’s structure.

What is and why do myofascial release?

Simply put it is pressure applied to muscles and fascia which addresses tension in the fascia.  During exercise (regular or strenuous) formation of fibrous fascial adhesions can occur.  This leads to decrease range of movement, strength and motor co=ordination.  Therefore, reducing the adhesions can help reduce the risk of injury.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce fascial adhesions
  • Improve Range of Motion & flexiblity
  • Reduce pain and soreness (DOMS)
  • Improve recovery from exercise
  • Improve fluid exchange & blood flow
  • Improve neuromuscular efficiency
  • Enhance performance

If you are interested in booking onto this masterclass please contact either Pippa or Lucy to arrange a group or individual booking;  £50pp.  Bookings will be as flexible as possible around normal clinic hours.

Feedback and pictures from previous classes:

“good range of exercises and stretches from toe to head”

“very informative. Will use the balls and 2hrs was a good period of time”.

“small group, plenty of personal attention to correct technique and covered lots of detail.”

“It was a very informative course and the handout is very useful as there is a lot to take in.  I’m really pleased I attended.”

Stability Ball Classes

Lucy Carroll periodically hosts a Stability Ball Exercise Mastercalss which has recently been re-designed to better suit patients.  This class is a 1hr 30min taught class which focuses on core strengthening to improve sporting performance through low impact methods.  You will learn how to ‘engage’ your core muscles and receive instruction and guidance throughout the class to ensure correct technique is used to optimise the exercises.  The exercises are structured from easy to difficult so that you can progress at your own speed and incorporate them into your current training.

We can accept individual or group bookings (3 people per class) and the cost is £35pp.  A full print out of the exercises will be provided so you can work on them easily outside of the masterclass.

Register  your interest or arrange private bookings with Lucy at or on 07912 484168.  Bookings will be as flexible as possible around normal clinic hours and therapist availability. 

Feedback from previous classes:

“Organisation was good. Level and progression of exercises was about right.  Good to be able to stretch out on the ball after sets of exercises. No pressure to look good. Lots of support and encouragement for the non sporty.”
Examples of some exercises included:
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