Injuries can occur to anyone, at any time. Therefore, injuries do not always happen within a sporting environment.  This does not mean we cannot assess or treat your injury.  A large proportion of our existing clientele have sought our help following a slip, trip or fall, car accident and most commonly work-related injury.  See our testimonials page for some case examples.

Work related injuries include: upper back, neck and shoulder pain and or tension from long periods of sitting, driving and mostly working with computers.  Other overuse injuries, such as tennis elbow, De Quervian’s tenosynovitis are also seen regularly.  Low back pain from jobs involving lifting, carrying or heavy loads in a repeated manner are also treatable by ourselves.

Why can we help you?

There is a lot of confusion which often lead to misunderstandings about Sports Therapy and the skills and knowledge of Sports Therapists compared to other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists.

To try to clarify somewhat: Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare, specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and rehabilitation of patients back to optimum functional levels.  This includes functional, occupational and sports specific fitness and is regardless of age and ability.  This means we can treat musculoskeletal conditions not seen in a sporting environment.

A Sports Therapist is a healthcare professional who is able to:

  • optimise preparation and performance
  • incorporate injury prevention programmes for a variety of activities
  • plan and implement specific rehabilitation programmes
  • provide immediate care of injuries and basic life support
  • assess, treat and rehabilitate functional, sporting or work-related injuries and if/when required, refer for specialist advice
  • provide appropriate sport and remedial massage and other soft tissue therapies

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