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By, Elizabeth Summers, July 2017

After been in so much pain for months I found Get Back to the Action online (also had been recommended) and booked an online appointment for the next day. It is the best thing I have done! My legs are feeling a lot better after exercises and sports massage. Lucy found the route of my problem and put a plan in place to resolve it. I have been given advice regarding my exercise programme to get back into running which I am sticking to and over all feel a lot better since my initial consultation. Would highly recommend.

By, Linzi Agnew, July 2017

Life changing: Having laughed out loud when someone suggested a sports therapist, as I do no sport whatsoever, this has changed my life. I have been in pain for years, crying frequently, numerous GP appointments and x rays and being told its sciatica (wrongly diagnosed) and I would just have to put up with it. Four appointments with Lucy and I’m a new women. Could not recommend highly enough, worth every penny! Don’t be shy, just make an appointment and see if they can help.

By, Jono Hart, June 2017

Really knowledgable and professional therapist both Lucy & Pippa. They have helped me with injuries I pick up training & they also prepare me for races and other events! They both come Highly recommended from myself and other clients at Aspire Fitness that I send across

By, Ange Wood, June 2017

I went to see Lucy after I injured my knee whilst running and thought I would never run again. Lucy is so professional and an amazing therapist, explaining everything to me as we went along and put me at ease. I can happily say that I am now well on the road to recovery and would never have got to this point without Lucy. I would highly recommended her.

By, Lisa Buckworth, June 2017

My Wife went for treatment with a problem knee and couldn’t run at all. She is now knocking out 5 miles with ease!! Thank you so much Pippa you have helped Kelly “get back to the action” top quality treatment , advice and service

By, Mark Irving, May 2017

Pippa started treating a ling term calf/achilles tendon issue I had from Autumn 2016.  Weekly deep tissue massage session and at home exercises followed until January 2017.  During the sessions Pippa recommended that I visit Steptoes (podiatrist in Stokesley) to help with the root cause of my issue; foot posture and gait!

Thirty odd years of football, cricket and running have given me “footballer’s bowed legs”.  The podiatrist at Steptoes undertook a gait analysis and recommended bespoke Orthotic insoles to adjust my feet to ensure my knees, calfs and heels were aligned.  I started using the insoles in December 2016.

The third element of treatment was a range of stretches and self massage using a foam roller and spikey balls. The combination of treatments gave me confidence to join a gym and personal training sessions.  In March 2017 I ran my first Park Run for a year – non stop and pain free in my calf achilles.

Many thanks Pippa; and Lucy who i saw when Pippa was on holiday, for getting me back to the action!

By, Nigel Baylin, January 2017

I was visiting my dentist, I told him I could not sit in the chair with my head back for extended periods of time due to excruciating pain in my upper shoulder neck and arm he recommended I see Pippa Carrick.   My GP had some months earlier diagnosed this as a trapped nerve and had recommended I see a consultant specialist. However, with my appointment for this month’s away, the company medical scheme had me in Manchester 2 days later, where I saw a specialist and had an MRI the same day. This confirmed the nerve trapped between the 6 & 7th vertebrae in my neck. This nerve goes through the shoulder and down the right arm.  Due to wear and tear, age and all the other things we do wrong to our bodies, the nerve was trapped and had become swollen.  I had numbness and pain in my fingers and the pain was serious at times; the “keeping you awake” type of pain.
My GP gave me pain killers and Ibuprofen but they did nothing to help. I then went to see a pain specialist who injected a concentrated dose of anti-inflammatory and steroid into my neck just above where the nerve exits the vertebrae.  This, if successful would give instant relief. Nothing!   I was then referred to Dr Fred Nath, consultant Neurosurgeon whom I saw at James Cook. Dr Nath recommended a further MRI and I was booked in as soon as there was an appointment available.  It was about this time I went to the dentist.  I saw Pippa within a day or two. I told her the story you have just read.
She assessed my condition, posture, movement etc. A gentle massage was then carried out.  My next appointment with Pippa was a little more intensive and I was given some light exercises to do between appointments. The next appointment Pippa told me that she needed to really get after the root cause of the pain in neck (although by now I was experiencing some relief) and massage out the knots in the muscles in and around the problem area more deeply.  The next day and the day after the pain was intense again … I emailed Pippa and expressed my concerns (I think it was a Sunday) and she replied telling me to hang in there, apply ice and rest, as things would get better and they did! The change was exponential and every day I gained more relief and more movement.
I had my second MRI and went to see Mr Nath to get the results. Mr Nath saw a difference in both movement and the change in my physical demeanour; I had no pain, making life a whole load better. He told me I had no need to see him again and was happy for me to continue my treatment with Pippa as it was obviously making a difference.    So I did for the next couple of weeks just once a week now to ensure things would not regress.  Since then, about 6 months ago things have been superb.  I look after posture a bit better and try to exercise the muscles in the area and keep flexibility good as recommended by Pippa.  If symptoms start to develop I will see her again for sure.
I have recommended her to friends and family as did my dentist for me and if anyone manages to get to this point after all of the above I would recommend her to you.

I would like to run a marathon maybe this year but I have a dodgy right knee so I will probably take advice from Pippa.  Very thorough, very professional and very good!

By Julie Wood, November 17th 2016

I had been suffering with sore hips for some time when Pippa Carrick was recommended to me as a sports therapist who would offer honest advice.  So, a couple of weeks ago I made my first appointment. Pippa diagnosed my problem and gave me some intensive sports massage and some stretching exercises to do at home.  By the time my second appointment came round 1-week later, I was amazed at how much better my hip pain was.  Pippa herself was surprised and delighted at how quickly my symptoms had improved. She then gave me some strengthening exercises to help me continue to improve and to get back to walking which I really enjoy.

I hailed Pippa as a miracle worker, and would heartily recommend her.


By, Sara Papworth, 28th June 2016

To put it simply, without Pippa and Get Back to the Action I would not be able to continue doing the thing I love, at the level I am currently able to, which is playing tennis competitively in the local league.

After playing the sport for many years and intensive leg strengthening work in the gym (following a cruciate ligament reconstruction in my left knee) without doing any of the post exercise stretching that one should (I didn’t even know I was supposed to stretch) the muscles in my legs, neck and round the shoulder have ended up a tangle of knots; leading to various incidences of pain and reduced flexibility. These knots have been gradually worked out but Pippa, and in her absence Lucy. This allows me to play tennis more regularly, and in a way that is both enjoyable and satisfying, than I have for a number of years. Some niggles are quickly resolved but others take time and continued treatment. Once relieved an occasional return to the treatment table keeps everything ticking over.

My daughter has recently moved to senior school and started to play many new sports, using muscles she probably didn’t even know she had. She also spends many of her free hours dancing, including point work in ballet. After a fairly intensive week of extracurricular activities she started to experience strains and pains in her legs and shoulder. A session with Pippa, being treated at a level that was suitable for her age eased the pains and she was given a programme of stretches to ensure she does not start with the bad habits of her mother.

I would not hesitate in recommending ‘Get Back to the Action’. In fact, many of my friends have been successfully treated by them already.


By, Ian Hague BDS (Newc 1990), May 31st 2016

I am very grateful for the day about 4 years ago when, on recommendation, I arranged to see Pippa Carrick. I had always been very fit but had let it slip for a number of years and found that when I started running again, several years older, my calves became so tight and strained that I thought I would stand no chance of continuing something that I loved.

From the first visit I felt reassured that all was not lost. Thorough sports massage released the muscles and sound advice about how to rebuild my training volume ensured that once again I enjoyed my running.

I am now training for an Iron Man Triathlon in July this year (2016). I have trained hard over the last years since that first appointment, starting with fell running and duathlons. Then sprint and olympic distance triathlons, half marathons, 1/2 Iron Man triathlons and the Kielder Marathon. Understandably, there have been setbacks throughout this time; strains, muscle tears and general niggles which have all been sorted out by Pippa. Through therapeutic massage and sound advice, I was always able to maintain my aerobic base and have got stronger in the long run.

The confidence I have from knowing that Pippa is at the end of the phone for treatment and advice either for the healing of injury or for maintenance and injury prevention through massage is worth it’s weight in gold. I cannot commend Pippa highly enough. I used to see Pippa at Teesside Sports Injury Clinic and have no hesitation in following her for treatment now that she has set up her own business in Stokesley. She is the secret weapon in the armory of anyone who is truly interested in achieving their full potential in sport.  Thanks Pippa!


By Johnathon Fletcher, May 28th 2016

After playing a lot of sport in my youth and then having a fairly labour intensive job I had suffered from tight glutes and leg muscles. I decided to call Lucy Carroll two years ago whilst she was at TSIC. With regular appointments over the space of a couple of months my pain and discomfort was gone. I remember the first few sessions my muscles were extremely tight however Lucy persisted to get them in order for me and I have never looked back! Though Lucy has an online booking system if there is no availability she has always tried to make something available for me, this is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted. The new premises are a great improvement, located well with good parking and are extremely spacious. I don’t hesitate to recommend “Get back to the action”.


By Paul Wheatley, 26th May 2016

I suffered a torn ankle ligament while learning to ice skating in January. After two months of thinking that the problem would just go away I decided that it would be best to get some professional help. I made myself an appointment to see Lucy, when she worked at TSIC, aware that I would probably need some treatment and rehab. The first session included a consultation and treatment. Lucy found the problem area very quickly and explained in full how the injury had effected my body.  After the first visit I was very happy with the professionalism, knowledge and reassurance that Lucy provided me with and I started to see and feel improvements which increased week by week.

I decided to keep seeing Lucy and my next appointment was at the new Get Back to The Action Sports Therapy clinic.  I have to say the facilities are very impressive. The website is simple and easy to follow, the space is quiet and clinical. Also the parking and access is hassle free. It has been a number of weeks since my first appointment but I am now able to get back on the ice and carry on with the other sporting activities I enjoy, all thanks to Lucy. I have also had a couple of sessions with Pippa (previously at TSIC) due to a torn rotator cuff which was sustained while swimming. Once again the service was brilliant and I began swimming after a number of weeks.

I recommend that you look no further than Pippa and Lucy at Get Back to the Action Sports therapy.


By Jan Topham, May 25th 2016

Whilst rushing in the supermarket I tripped and immediately felt my lower back pull.  I was really struggling to walk and in lots of pain.  A relative suggested I contact Lucy Carroll as he was really pleased with his treatment.  I’m really glad I did!

I rang Lucy and she was able to fit me in that afternoon as she had a cancellation.  On arrival Lucy invited me into her therapy room, we talked about what had happened and she took some details about my health and wellbeing.  She made an assessment of my abilities and explained what she would be doing throughout the session.  The facilities were great the room was very private and Lucy adjusted the treatment couch to a low position to enable me to get on easily.

Following the treatment Lucy carried out a further assessment and things had already loosened off and I felt better already. She gave me some stretching techniques to do at home and offered a further session later in the week if needed.  When leaving the room I knew straight away things were better and each day my back improved.  I didn’t need the extra treatment either!

I strongly recommend Get back to the action (Lucy Carroll) very warm and welcoming, knowledgable and got me back to the action!


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