Myofascial Release Techniques are specialised “hands on” therapy techniques which concentrate on the treatment via releasing restrictions within the more fibrous fascial network. Fascia consists of collagen and elastin fibres surrounding and protecting every other soft tissue structure and organs of the body. In a healthy state fascia is relaxed but it also contracts and plays a substantial role in the mobility and stability of joints. It also helps to transmit forces throughout the body (kinetic chain).

During trauma, whether through injury, poor posture, or surgery the fascia in the body can lose its pliability. This can lead to reduced mobility in the affected tissues and surrounding joints.

Some techniques are light and gentle, to focus on applying a sustained pressure to the tissue, aiming to ‘release’ the tension via stretching the fascia. Other techniques apply more pressure and manual stretching of the tissues and can be felt more by the patient. These are designed to separate restrictions in the fibres, again ‘releasing’ the adhesions and tension thereby creating more pliability.

Overall, patients should feel relaxed and freer after treatment. Myofascial release techniques can be used in conjunction with other soft tissue techniques or as an individual treatment. This will be dependent on the symptoms presented and desired outcomes of the treatment plan. This will be determined by the therapist and will be fully discussed with the patient.

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