At Get Back to the Action we use both Sports and Remedial Massage techniques. Sports massage involves combining manipulation of soft tissue structures and aims to improve performance, flexibility, reduce pain and optimise recovery following training or competition.

Therefore, it can be very influential in the maintenance of overworked or overloaded muscles.

Conversely, remedial massage is a deep massage which combines the fore-mentioned soft tissue mobilisation techniques to achieve specific goals. These methods are beneficial to anyone, not just sports performers.

The soft tissue mobilisation techniques we use include: effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, compressions, vibrations, frictions, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release and positional release.

What do our patients say about the benefits of regular sports massage?

I have been seeing Lucy for treatment since I started running over a year ago. She has helped me to overcome injuries and I don’t think I would have been able to complete the GNR or the London marathon without frequent sessions with Lucy. I would recommend to anyone with an injury or like myself at the minute to go for regular sports massages and keep injury free whilst training. I find the service to be friendly, effective, professional and Lucy extremely knowledgeable and I look forward to my sessions with her. Amber, August 2018.


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